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WYSIWYG Transaction Editor (v1.1.0)

You can also download this page offline and connect it to a self-hosted backend via the GitHub repo

This software runs in an untrusted environment, and may contain bugs. Keys in this tool are stored in unsecure localStorage, and could be read by other applications or lost due to trivial memory corruption or cache clearing. Do not import sensitive keys, and ensure you have backups of all keys you wish to preserve. Ensure that you verify the content of all transactions in your native wallet software after exporting. Failure to verify transactions may lead to IRREVOCABLE LOSS OF FUNDS. This software is distributed under the AGPLv3 license and contains limitations of liability. For more information, see the license file in the GitHub repo

Input (Hex):

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CSPRNG (32 bytes for a key):

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⚠️ These keys are stored in a potentially insecure context and should not be used for purposes other than testing.

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